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  • T. Joe

    Bormley, 2018

    Can You Help With Bouncy Engineered Floors Fitted Over Floorboards?

    The engineered odk flooring in my flat is installed as floating over floorboards. It is a tongue and groove engineered flooring which was glued together, rather than using the click system. When I walk on the floors there are some areas where the boards are quite bouncy and I can hear a creaky noise. Is there anything that can be done to ractify this?

    • FloorWorks

      Bouncing floorboards is almost always an indication that the engineered flooring has been installed over uneven subfloor. Therefore, it is always very important that the subfloor is perfectly levelled with the use of play or chipboard before engineered floor fitting. Another potential reason might be the insufficient gap that must have been allowed for the flooring to naturally contract and expand.

      The creaking noise that you have mentioned might also be coming from the subfloor. If the subfloor floorboards have not been perfectly secured before the installation of the negineered wood on top, this might be causing an issue with the creaking noise now.

      Unfortunately, if the problems are coming from the subfloor it might be tricky to ractify it now that the new flooring is installed on top. However, the good news is that it might be possible to do local repairs on tonque and groove flooring and there might be some things that you can try such as lifting some of the planks and fixing the surrounding planks with secret nailing close to the subfloor.

      If this fails then you might need the help of a professional floor fitting company such as FloorWorks to quote for wood floor repars and/or replacement.


  • C. Dash

    Barnet, 2019

    Can You Repair Warped Engineered Wood Floorboards Following a Leak In the Flat?

    About six months ago I had a new engineered flooring installed in my flat. I believe that the finish is oil rather than lacquer. A few weeks ago while I was on a holiday the flooring has been affected by a leak that happened in the flat above me. I can now see that in some areas the flooring has wrapped up. Is there anything that can be done to repair this without the need of sanding the whole floor?

    • FloorWorks


      I am sorry to hear that your newly installed engineered flooring has been subject to damage. However, there might be a chance that the floorboards might not be completely damaged adn you might be able to avoid teh need of floor replacement. Wrapping of the floorboards as a result of increased moisture levels sometimes indicates that the planks are in s process of drying. Therefore, we would advise you to leave the flooring for another few weeks to allow it to dry. Make sure that the flat is well ventilated and that the heating is on to speed up the drying process. If after a few weeks the wrapping has not disappeared, then you might need to get a quote for engineered floor replacement, I am afraid.

      I hope that the above helps.


  • J Callam

    Westminster, 2018

    Can You Install Reclaimed Parquet Blocks?


    I have purchased some reclaimed parquet flooring blocks from the internet and I would like to have them installed in my living room - do you provide this service? Please note that they do have some blacks resin on the back. Thank you.

    • FloorWorks

      Hi and thank you for your question regarding installation of reclaimed parquet flooring.

      While we are perfectly capable and experienced in fitting all types of parquet flooring, we always recommend the installation o fnew rather than reclaimed parquet blocks. The reson for this is that reclaimed parquet is very difficult to prepare for installation mainly because of the time it takes to clean the parquet blocks from any residue such as rasin or bitumen. Because this needs to be done for each and every parquet block, it is a very time consuming and hence a very expensive service. In addition, the treatment of reclaimed parquet blocks will most definitely result in some damages to the blocks, which means that you will end up with a pile of blocks with different thickness and different extend of damage.

      Therefore, we recommend the purchase of new parquet blocks as this will speed up the process and make the final result much more appealing.

      Please do not hesitate to contat us should you require a free quotation for new parquet floor fitting.

  • Jack Connor

    London, 2018

    Can Parquet Flooring Be Installed Over Pine Floorboards?

    I have some pine floor boards flooring, which is currently covered with carpets. I am considering removing the carpets and installing parquet flooring over wooden floorboards, is this possible and is it something you can help with?

    • FloorWorks

      Because parquet flooring is made up of small parquetblocks rather than longer floorboards, it is absolutely essential that the fubfloor is perfectly levelled before installation as the tiniest unevennesswill be reflected on the parquet flooring later on. Therefore, installation of parquet flooring directly on floorboards is not possible. It is important that 9 or 12 mm ply is installed on top of the floorbaords to esnure a perfectly even subfloor for the parquet blocks.

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