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Installation of Elka Engineered Flooring

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The Elka Engineered Wood Flooring offers a wide verity of stained options, oiled flooring finishes, and lacquered finishes to achieve perfect looks. Usually, they come with a thickness from 12 mm to 22 mm from the range of Elka engineered wood flooring.

This article is not about the Elka Engineered flooring specifications but about its installation. If you want to accurately install the Elka Engineered flooring, then follow the instructions given below.

First of all, you need to know the conditions of the room where you opt to install your Elka Engineered Flooring. The normal room temperature for the favorable engineered floor installation is around 17 degree Celsius. Likewise, the relative humidity is between 45-65% during the process of acclimatization and installation.

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You need to check the doors and other items such as furniture in the room to be properly covered or vacated safely. Make sure, you adequately perform clearance for the opening and shutting of the doors once your new flooring is in position. It is important to understand the length of installation, which at the maximum level is 12 m in height and 8 m in width.

In case, you have a non-rectangular shape of the room or if it is longer, then you need to install the dilatation joints immediately. You can separate your rooms with the use of a dilatation joint. You must avoid installing heavy objects such as bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, and open fireplaces on the top of the Elka Engineered wood floor. The reason to avoid this is to circumvent the natural movement of the floor as well as avoiding gaps along the joints.

For the preservation of the beauty and quality of your Elka engineered flooring, you need to take into consideration the use of suitable protective pads under furniture legs and chairs. In addition, you need to install effective and suitable walk-off mats at all entrances to reduce the level of moisture, grit, and dirt.

After installing your Elka Engineered flooring, you need to oil it since it will give your room a good sense of fashionable comfort. The maintenance of the floor is significant to enjoy it for a long time. Your floor will become easily maintainable when a protective film is formed over it due to continuous surface treatment. This will keep the dust and dirt away from your wooden floor.

Sweep or vacuum the floor daily. You should wipe the floors regularly using a damp cloth. In order to accurately clean your floor, we recommend you to add some wood floor soap to the water. It won’t only clean your Elka engineered floor but will also form a good protective film on the floor surface, which will keep the dust or dirt away.

Likewise, it is always a good idea to wipe the Elka engineered floor with the soap solution a couple of time after the installation, for instance, for the first 3-4 weeks, you should do it thoroughly. Remember, it is correspondingly a bad idea to splash water on your Elka Engineered Flooring directly.