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We install engineered flooring from Kahrs and provide 2 Years Service Guarantee.

Kahrs of Sweden - a brand of style, weathered by time, which decades ago have chosen wood as a material of trade, because they strongly believe that it is the most versatile, beautiful and eco-friendly material there is, and while trends will come and go, true quality and style will never go out of fashion.

For decades, this company has been one of the leading manufacturers of hardwood flooring, which are easy to install. With the up to date click-lock technology, the company’s floating floors are great for both commercial and residential applications. They are also available in a wide variety of wood species, surface textures, popular stain colors, and board widths.

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Kahrs City Loft
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So much so, this article is not about the benefits of Kahrs Engineered Flooring or wooden floors but about the installation of them. Let’s take a look at the most unique way our company uses to install Kahrs Engineered Floors!

First of all, we calculate how many boards are required. When we install a floor with joints, we start the installation on the long side, which has most doors. Also, if there are doors at the short side of the room, then we start each row of boards at these.

Usually, the maximum width of the floor is 18 meter. So, we begin in one corner and start installing from left to right. The long side distance can be adjusted later after the installation of three rows. It is important to remember that it is quite easy, to begin with, the row of boards at the door area.

The next step is to press the floorboard at the angle to the first one and lay it down. We continue in the same direction with the rest of the floors of the first row. Next, we cut the final board in this row to the precise length. Also, we start the next row with the spare piece. Likewise, the end joints of the board are then staggered by at least 300mm or 500mm. Moreover, our qualified professional presses the floorboard at an accurate angle to the floorboard in front. Next, the professional knocks it lightly and carefully with the hand block while pressing the board down.

Next, we adjust the distance of the floor to the walls after laying three rows. The key is placed between the wall and floor. We remove the key once the installation process of the floor is complete. Sometimes, the first-floor row may have to be adjusted to the crooked wall.

The next step is that the professional replace the sawn boards from left to right. After doing this the professional performs the following steps:

  • Drill holes in the floorboard for heater pipes (The holes are at least 20mm wider than the diameter of the pipe).
  • Use a floorboard as the underlay if needs to cut a door liner in order to get the exact height.
  • Lay the last floorboard on top of the next-to-last floorboard with an estimated 5mm allowance from the wall.

Sometimes, it is essential to push the boards into position (short side or long side). For example, this applies at the door or any other difficult location when these boards need to slide into place.

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