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Benefits of the Hardwood Floors

Benefits of the Hardwood Floors

Wooden floors have always been very attractive to homeowners. Hardwood Floors are becoming extremely popular among commercial and residential homeowners, mainly due to their elegant appearance combined with high durability and relatively easy maintenance. So, if you are planning your house renovation and need to choose new floors here are some of the benefits of the hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floors are Easy to Install

For floor fitting experts with enough experience, the installation of hardwood floors is much easier than other types of flooring. Solid wood can either be glued down or nailed down to the subfloor, depending on the type of the subfloor as well as the type of the hardwood. Parquet blocks are usually glued with strong and flexible wood floor adhesives. Solid wood floorboards are normally nailed down to wooden subfloors with the help of specific tool called nail gun.

Hardwood Floors are Easy to Clean

While they require certain level of care and the use of appropriate materials, hardwood floors are relatively easy to clean. Well maintained wooden floors, where the protective sealant is regularly refreshed by clean and polish service have the ability to not accumulating much dust, dirt, and debris. The only thing you will need to do is to regularly vacuum them and clean them with a mop, using professional wood floor cleaner such as Bona Cleaner for the best results.  

Hardwood Floors offer Durability and Strength

Hardwood floors can serve you longer than any other types of flooring. Solid wood floors have always been a popular choice because of their capacity for restoration and renovation. By occasionally restoring your hardwood floors through sanding, you can remove the top layer and then seal with varnish or oil to achieve a long-lasting renewed look. Moreover, hardwood floors are ideal floor coverings for commercial premises and workspaces, as well as sport halls, since they can withstand heavy foot traffic. Sealed with commercial grade varnishes such as Bona Traffic or Junckers HP Commercial, hardwood floors can have a low wearing term and be very durable.

High Quality Look and Comfort

Hardwood floors bring quality and comfort to any interior with an exceptional feel of elegance and style. This is one of the main reasons why these floors have always been and continue to be so popular. Along with elegant look and high-end aesthetics, the hardwood floors offer warmth and beauty brought by the natural wood. In addition, they are appropriate for any type of home style, whether it is contemporary or vintage interior that you want to achieve. 

Hardwood Floors Offer Wide Variety

If you are planning to cover your house floors with hardwood, you can enjoy a variety of design and colour options to match the interior requirements of all of your rooms. You will have a great choice between various timber types, such as oak, walnut, merbau, ash etc. and a range of colors, styles, and sizes. You can choose either unfinished or pre-finished solid wood, which can then be stained to different colours. Should you decide to go for the unfinished option, bear in mind that once fitted, it will have to be buffed and sealed with either hardwearing varnish such as Bona Mega or hard wax oil, such as Osmo Polyx Oil.

Finally, when you choose hardwood floors, you do not only create an elegant and unique appearance of your home or office, but you surround yourself with comfort while also  increasing the value for your residential or commercial property.