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How to Prepare for Wood Floor Installation Service

How to Prepare for Wood Floor Installation Service

Wood floor installation can be a complex task for a busy home - preparing in advance will help you run the project smother and quicker.  With some simple preparations you can help reduce the mess and the fuss and leave the floor fitters concentrate on their job. Preparing for your wood floor installation service can also speed up the whole process, saving you time and money.


Any wood flooring needs to be adapted to the temperature and the moisture conditions of the area where it is to be installed prior to the fitting process. This allows the wood to adapt to the surrounding conditions which will avoid any excessive contractions and expansions later. Allow at least 7 days for solid wood planks and at least 72 hours for engineered wood floor installation prior to the flooring service for best results. Make sure that flooring is carefully placed in a secured and dry area and leave the flooring in its original packaging – there is no need to open the boxes.

Remove the Existing Floor Covering

If you are replacing an existing floor covering with new wooden floors, it is always best to try and remove it before the floor fitting service. Unless this is a service that the wood floor fitters are offering to do for you, it is always a good idea to get rid of the old floors before the new installation commences. This will not just save you time and money, but most importantly, it will expose the subfloors and it will become clear whether any subfloor preparation works are required. It is often the case that when existing floor coverings are removed, the subfloors are damp and need to be left with dehumidifiers for several days before the new floors can be fitted. By preparing for this in advance, you can get things done quicker.

Remove All Furniture

Although it sounds obvious that all furniture needs to be removed to allow access to the floors, it is often the case that floor fitting projects are delayed due to furniture being present. In addition, it is now always possible to remove some furniture items and special arrangements need to be done in such cases. Therefore, always remove as much of the furniture as possible and should there be anything that cannot be taken out of the room, always discuss this with your floor fitter in advance so he can come prepared.

Prepare to Protect the Floors

Think ahead and prepare to protect the floors once they are insulated. Make sure that you  source enough furniture pads, rugs and other prospective coverings, as you are going to need them as soon as the floors are installed. Unless you have these protective measures in place as early as possible, you risk scratching your newly laid floors.