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Why Having Wooden Floors is better than Carpets

Lets compare the benefits of wooden flooring and carpets

Why Having Wooden Floors is better than Carpets

Many people still prefer to use carpets rather than wooden floors mainly because natural wooden flooring is generally slightly more expensive. In addition, wooden floor fitting is notmally a dearer service than carpets fitting. However, if you carefully consider the benefits of wooden flooring, they would significantly outweigh the initial investment.

So, why having wooden floors is better than carpets?

Wooden Floors Are More Durable

Wooden floors can last longer than any other floor covering. This is the case, especially if you choose to have solid wood flooring or parquet floors fitted. Solid wood floors are not only very durable, but once worn out, you can restore them to their original beauty by simply wood floor sanding and restoration. This means that you can easily renew their appearance and enjoy their magnificence for many years ahead by simple wood floor sanding process.  

Compared to wooden floors, carpets tend to wear quicker and once worn out, they need to be replaced. While they can be slightly refreshed by regular carpet cleaning, this will just slightly improve their appearance and will not make it look as good as new.

Wooden Floors Are Easy To Clean

Wooden floors are much easier to clean than carpets. Because of their smooth surface they do not capture as much dirt and dust as carpets do. Regular vacuuming and cleaning with an appropriate wood floor cleaner such as Bona Wood Floor Cleaner would not only remove all dirt and dust, but it will also care for the protective layer of varnish. If you have oiled floors, then a specific wood floor cleaner for oiled floors need to be applied, such as Osmo Wash and Care, whose regular application increases the surface resistance to dirt and wear. To ensure that the sealant of your wooden floors is intact, occasional cleaning and polishing is needed just to maintain the protective layer on top.

In comparison, regular carpet hoovering removes most, but not all of the dirt and dust that has penetrated into it and with time, this dirt accumulates and becomes even more difficult to remove. Also, stains from liquids, such as coffee, wine or from pets are also much difficult to remove from carpets. With wooden floors, all you need is to wipe the stain away.

Wooden Floors Are a Healthier Option

Wooden floors are much more hygienic than carpets. Because carpets capture a lot of dust, dirt and even parasites like dust mites, they are a great source of allergies and can be very harmful for people suffering from asthma or other allergies. They can also be harmful for young children who are crawling and tend to spend a lot of time breathing in a lot of dust directly from the carpets. In addition, spillages on carpets tend to leave not just visible spots, but also durable odours on the carpets. Some spots are impossible to remove and they can become permanent until the carpet is replaced. In contrast, wooden floors do not capture stains, if their sealant is well maintained, because it protects the natural wood so the liquid cannot reach it. By simply vacuuming and mopping the floors, all dirt, dust and odour is easily removed.

Considering the above benefits, having wooden floors is a much better option than carpets.