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Installation of Solid Oak Flooring

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Solid oak flooring is one of the most common types of natural wood flooring that we are employed to install regularly. There is a huge variety of solid oak flooring products available on the market today and each product requires specific approach and particular care when fitted. Nevertheless, there are some important considerations that should always be taken into account and there are also some commonly applied techniques that we use when it comes to solid wood floor installation.


One of the most important consideration when it comes to fitting solid wood flooring is the acclimatisation process. Whether it is parquet flooring or solid oak floorboards, allowing sufficient time for the flooring to adjust to the environmental conditions, such as humidity and temperature, in the premises where it is to be installed is essential. Because solid wood flooring comprises of natural wood only, it is extremely sensitive and reactive to moisture. Therefore, unless it has been allowed to naturally adjust to the moisture levels in your premises for at least 7 days, there is a huge risk of the floorboards wrapping or buckling once it is fitted. This risk exists is regardless of the installation method that is to be applied and regardless of the quality of the wood floor fitting methods that are to be used.

Subfloor Preparation

Another very important aspect of solid wood flooring installation is the proper preparation of the subfloor. Subfloors could be either concrete or wooden and the type of the subfloor will normally define whether the new solid oak flooring is to be glued down or nailed down. In any case, it is essential that the subfloor is carefully prepared before fitting.

In the case of concrete subfloors, a very important consideration is the moisture content of the subfloor as well as any potential for increase of moisture in the future. Therefore, the application of liquid damp proof membrane is often required to ensure that the solid wood flooring will be well isolated and protected from any increase in moisture, which would inevitable affect the structural composition of the flooring once fitted.

Subfloors should not only be dry and clean, but also smooth and free of nay structural defects. Therefore, self-levelling compound is sometimes required to be applied on concrete subfloors which are not even and smooth. For wooden subfloors, the application of plywood is required to guarantee a smooth and even base.
Once we are absolutely certain that the subfloor is perfectly smooth, dry and clean, we can the proceed to the next stage – laying down the solid oak flooring.

Installation of Oak Parquet Flooring

Solid oak parquet flooring is always fitted using the glue down installation method. Because parquet flooring consists of small oak blocks rather than longer boards, achieving a perfectly even and smooth level of the subfloor is extremely important as any unevenness in the subfloor will be reflected and visible on the parquet flooring once installed. Parquet flooring is glued down with the use of specific strong and flexible wood floor adhesives. Depending on the desired pattern of the parquet floor, installation will normally start from the centre of the room, rather than from the wall, which is typical for solid wood floorboards.

Parquet floor installation is not an easy thing to do for someone who does not have the required experience and know-how. Therefore, DIY is not recommended, and we would strongly advise that you employ a professional floor fitting company such as FloorWorks for your parquet floor fitting. Because parquet flooring is made up of small pieces, any imperfection will be visible once the parquet flooring is fitted. Also, parquet flooring can last many years and it is an expensive investment as well as a valuable asset to any home. Therefore, at FloorWorks we take any parquet floor fitting project with and exceptional care and responsibility and always aim for excellent results, as the flooring is there to stay for a very long time and we want the same for the outstanding effect of our floor fitting work.

Nail-Down or Glue-Down Installation

Solid wood floorboards can either be glued-down to concrete subfloors or nailed-down to wooden subfloors. The glue-down installation method is applied when the subfloor is made of concrete and with the use of strong wood floor adhesives. It is very important that a sufficient expansion gap of at least 10mm is left between the flooring and the walls to ensure that there is enough room for the natural wood to expand and contract, which is a natural reaction response to changes in the humidity and temperature. This expansion gap is normally covered by skirting boards or beadings with are then installed around the walls.

If the solid floorboards are to be installed over wooden subfloors, then the nail down method is applied. Wooden subfloors also need to be perfectly levelled, and if this is not the case, then the installation of plywood is highly recommended. Once this is done, then the floorboards are laid down with the use of a specific nail gun and at 30 degrees angle to ensure that the nail heads are not visible. Again, leaving an expansion gap between the floorboards and the walls is very important to allow for the natural movement of the solid oak.

Why Choose FloorWorks for Your Solid Oak Flooring

Choosing us for the installation of your solid wood flooring guarantees you a professional approach, the most appropriate and applicable wood floor fitting materials, such as wood floor adhesives and a well-protected and isolated flooring, which can last for a long time.

Fitting solid oak flooring, including floorboards and parquet flooring requires specific knowledge, experience and skills and we have them. What we also have is passion for wood floor fitting and therefore we settle for noting less than excellence.

Our personal approach also means that we would lay your floors the same way we would do it for ourselves – with an exceptional care and attention to details. We will not be satisfied until you are perfectly happy with your new floors – this is when we consider our job to be done, when we see the happy faces of our customers.