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Floor Sanding & Parquet Flooring Refinishing

Our floor sanding services come on their own or together with a parquet floor fitting or solid wood floor fitting service. It comes with experienced experts in wooden floors restoration and the latest dust free floor sanding equipment.

Whether you need wood floor sanding or wood floor staining, our floor restoration services can be all you need to transform the look of your worn out wooden floors. Equipped with the latest machinery and equipment, and using only hard wearing and durable floor sealants, our flooring company offers extensive experience, professional expertise and friendly customer support that make the whole sanding process pleasant and convenient.

Wood floor sanding is a process that can significantly transform and restore the original shine and appeal of your wooden floors. Be it pine flooring, parquet flooring or any other type of wooden flooring, sanding is essential to keep the floor look bright and shiny. As the wood flooring is prone to wear and tear and tends to lose its shine after a certain period of time, it’s important to periodically do wood floor sanding.

Wood floor sanding is a process that removes the top layer of the wood with the use of dust free sanding machines. The proper operation of the machines is essential for achieving the desired effect and therefore it is best done by a professional sanding company rather than as a DIY project.

While people have the option to carry out the wood floor sanding process on their own, the lack of experience and the right equipment may prove to be a hindrance. While there are many companies offering floor sanding services, it is important to find the right one for your needs.  Some essential elements you need to look out for is whether the company uses dust free sanding equipment as this would save you a lot of mess and hassle. Before booking a flooring company, it is also important to make sure that the appropriate type of wood floor sealant is going to be used.

There is variety of factors that must be kept in mind when it comes to choosing a particular company. The company must have the best Bona sanding machine or other state-of-the-art machinery offered by some reliable brand. Moreover, a rich industry experience and knowledge about the latest trends will go a long way when it comes to completing the task in a reliable manner.

FloorWorks is one of the leading flooring companies in London that has been meeting the requirements of the clients in the most convenient manner.