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Why Having Wooden Floors is Better than Carpets

Why Having Wooden Floors is Better than Carpets

Most people have a strong tendency to overlook wooden flooring because this type of flooring is initially very expensive than linoleum and carpet. However, it is important to know that you can reap a number of benefits which completely outweigh the initial extra costs.

So, why having wooden floors is better than carpets? Keep reading this post to know the reasons. Also, if you are really interested in knowing this, this article is for you to get the most out of it.

Wooden floors are long lasting: They last for decades. Since many people tend to replace the carpet every 3 or 5 years due to holes, stains, or shabbiness from daily wear and tear, the wooden floors are exceptional in this regard. With minimal maintenance, wooden floors look much better as the years go by.

In addition, wooden floors are much easier to clean as compared to carpets. The reason for this is fairly obvious. For instance, a light vacuum cleaner or simple brush keeps the wooden floors looking extremely good. If children or dogs have dragged mud/dirt through the house, in this situation, a damp mop will easily remove this muck. On the other hand, carpet owners would be screaming.

Similarly, wooden flooring is way more hygienic than carpets. Research and reports show that carpets can harbor a number of parasites. If you were to read and understand these reports, you would not want to go anywhere near the carpet. Such allergen produces fleas, dust mites or dust, which can play havoc with sufferers from allergy. So, a wooden floor eliminates the extreme discomfort and save you money for maintenance. Particularly, this is relevant to cat and dog owners.

As mentioned previously, wooden floors are more hygienic but carpets trap in unpleasant order, smells stinks from animals and other things that have been spilled. So much so, the aroma or scent of a quality polished wooden floor is really a delight, which will make your home more inviting.

One of the most significant benefits of wooden floor that a lot of people tend to oversee is the time appeal of the wood. Tile Patterns, linoleum, and carpet usually go in and out of fashion, for instance, think of what we had in the 80’s. On the other hand, wood’s appeal has persisted or lasted centuries. According to experts, wooden floors are way more popular now than ever.

Moreover, wood has always considered to be available to affluent and wealthy people. However, the great news is that modern production methods are producing wooden floors at the most competitive prices, which make wood floors available to all budgets.

Depending on your lifestyle, carpets often require a higher level of maintenance, for instance, regular vacuuming and deep carpet cleaning. Carpets are sensitive floor-covering material because of its ability to attract stains and dirt easily.

Likewise, carpets are manufactured more synthetically that have a shorten lifespan as compared to the wooden floors, which last for years. So, unlike carpets, wooden floors can last multiple generations.

Unlike carpet, flooring such as hardwood can last multiple generations.