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Pros and Cons of Solid, Engineered and Parquet Wood Flooring

From the standpoint of maintenance, wooden floors are easier to clean, unlike carpets that can harbor many forms of fleas, parasites, and dust mites. Wooden floors also make things easier on both pet owners and allergy sufferers. Likewise, they offer...

Unfinished or Prefinsihed Wooden Flooring

The majority of homeowners turn floors into the stunning interior piece. Hardwood flooring becomes the essential choice of homeowners to preserve the treasure of living place. It is a better idea to improve the look of the home. When it comes to desi...

Solid Wood or Engineered Wood Floors?

Many people find it difficult to differentiate between solid wood floors and engineered floors. Well, let us quickly tell you that both of them are made from real hardwood but in different ways. The primary difference between solid wood and engineere...
Mouldings, Profiles & Accessories Used in Our Services

Mouldings, Profiles & Accessories Used in Our Services

At FloorWorks we offer comprehensive wood floor fitting service, including the installation of all matching accessories such as skirting boards, beadings, thresholds and other mouldings to deliver a complete and refined appearance. These profiles do ...
The Wood Floor Installation Process Explained

The Wood Floor Installation Process Explained

Wooden floors are a sign of luxury and style to any home. Once installed, they are valuable assets and bring warmth and comfort for many years. Floor fitting is quite complicated thing to do and requires careful preparation and planning to ensure bes...