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How To Protect Your Wooden Floors from Heavy Furniture

How To Protect Your Wooden Floors from Heavy Furniture

Wooden floors create elegant and beautiful interior in any home or office. Unfortunate, they are often subject to damage and scratches as a result of moving furniture or as a result of everyday use without the necessary protective measures. While it is sometimes possible to repair minor scratches on wooden floors, some deeper scratches and indentations are difficult to remove and may require the overall sanding and resealing. Luckily, it is possible to protect the wooden floor from furniture scratches if you take some appropriate preventive measures. The following tips can help you preserve your wooden floors for many years to come.

  • Think about your floors when moving furniture around. Never move furniture by pushing or dragging as this creates fraction between the two and can easily result in scratches on the floor. Even if it does not create a scratch, dragging furniture may affect and wear out the wood floor sealant. Therefore, always try to lift furniture too replace it to avoid damages and scratches to the floor. When lifting the furniture and placing it pack on the floor, make sure that this is done slowly and carefully to avoid accidental fall, which may create a permanent mark on the wood
  • Lifting heavy pieces of furniture might be difficult and sometimes dragging it might be the only option. Never drag furniture over the wooden floors. Always use a piece of cloth and place it under the furniture to ensure that the floors are protected. Make sure that pushing and pulling is extra slow and with an extreme care to ensure that the furniture does not come into contact with the wooden floor. This way you can easily avoid scratches and indentations.
  • Use protective mats – many pieces of furniture come with wheels – for example, office chairs, desks and other mobile furniture. Wheels cane easily damage the wood over time, unless you use protective mats or sheets. With our wooden floors fitting services, we always recommend the use of protective mats as soon as they are installed as there is nothing worse than a scratch on newly laid floors. 
  • Use Furniture pads – make sure that all your furniture items such as tables, sofas etc have protective soft furniture pads underneath. With the use of furniture pads you can also safely move items around without causing any damage to the floors.

Using the above-mentioned methods, you can protect your wooden floors from your furniture. In addition, to preserve the appealing appearance of your wooden floors for longer, it is important to ensure that you do regularly and appropriate floor cleaning and maintenance as well. This can be cleaning and polishing of lacquered floors or buffing and re-oiling of floors sealed with oil.