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Junckers are leading manufacturer of solid wood floors in Europe. The company has been in the UK industry for over fifty years. We all know that a solid wood floor has a unique elegance and natural beauty. It provides a wide range of design options to a room.

So much so, a Junckers floor provides an elegant harmony, is distinctive and stylish at the same time. A new Junckers wooden floor can be installed in various ways. Naturally, all these methods work together with some type of underfloor heating systems.

In this article, we will tell you about the installation of Junckers Floors and what methods are usually used for it! Keep reading this post in order to get the most out of it!

Junckers wood floors offer a genuine and timeless look that people can only get from the wood. Also, these attractive, solid wooden floors are made to high-quality and uncompromising levels of quality, which work for any type of room in the house and/or in your workplace or business. There are many different finishes and colors available.

At our company, the stable and firm floating floor is indeed perfect for underfloor heating. It is because of the adjustment to any seasonal changes in humidity and temperature. Moreover, impact noise is considerably reduced, making it exceptionally perfect for buildings with multi-floors.

Moreover, this floor type perfectly complements other types of floor finishes like stone, tile, and carpet. We use the Junckers Clip System. 

Furthermore, Junckers is unique in being capable of fitting solid wood as floating floors directly onto subfloors (mostly concrete) without the need for extra height and battens that this usually demands.

Our glued-down installation of Junckers floors enhances the sound and feel of the wooden floor even more. We understand that this method of installation is becoming more and more popular. Also, it is one of the best solutions for large, open spaces where drumming or footsteps noise may be an issue.

In addition, we can bond all Junckers flooring to any type of sub-floor, for instance, concrete floors, light-concrete or wooden material with the environmentally friendly adhesive. So, gluing the wooden floor onto the sub-floor opens up great possibilities for complicated patterns.

We recommend that the floorboards be laid accurately and parallel with the longer side of the room. During the installation, we turn the floorboard over in order to tap the clip end with the holes in the groove. This must be on the back of the floorboard. In this way, we ensure the clips points are ended in the direction of the tongue.

Additionally, for 150 and 190 mm planks along with double clip grove, we tap the clip end with the holes in the groove on the floorboard back that is close to the tongue.

Solid Junckers boards must not be glued lengthwise. Our professionals keep this in mind! The gap between the boards’ ends and the wall is likewise filled with expansion strip. We ensure a close fit! Also, for floors that are more than 25m in length, we deem necessary to build good joints into the floor.